Looking to Make Cool Projects

2016-09-12 22:41:20 by GumGums

Currently looking for work to create with a team to create some masterpieces with... send an email to Warbler1o1@hotmail.com if your interested in an Artist who is interested in spending a long time to send something to completion. -thanks

welcome friend

2015-04-18 23:00:37 by GumGums

thanks for visiting me here on my page... i've been just going with the flow and haven't been keeping up on things too much... heres a video if you want to 




Rolly BayBe

2014-08-21 02:16:54 by GumGums


So I wanna get my creative juices flowing again and I know from experience I can draw some scary stuff but I like to imagine cute creatures also, and something like this has been floating around in my imagination for longer then I care to say.

Animu Elf

2013-09-25 04:14:56 by GumGums

Attempting drawing in an animu style

Animu Elf

GreenBlock Castle Walls

2013-09-24 21:30:21 by GumGums

some 3D art of a kind of adobe type green castle

Just having fun doing whatever

GreenBlock Castle Walls


2013-09-24 18:27:52 by GumGums

so i was Bored and drew the"DOGE" meme and did a logo


this is just what I came up with for the time being

Practicing doing some stuff I remember doing a while back